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Leave In Conditioner

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Pure, natural, sulfate-free ingredients are delivered into the hair using nanotechnology, which improves hair appearance and is up to seven times more effective in the delivery of functional ingredients into individual hair fibers.

Long before there was emphasis on highlighted hair, our SHUGA Scientists realized that animal proteins were the key to healthy hair. Other high-performance salon products have replaced these important ingredients with lesser performing synthetic proteins. SHUGA’s products use yogurt proteins and natural plant and milk sugars and delivers them deeply into the hair where needed using nanotechnology. This ensures your hair is healthy while still acting as a high-performance professional salon product.



Traditional hair treatment focuses on treating the exterior of the hair, ignoring the actual cause of the problem. Simply lathering on nutrients will not address the problem as they wash off as easily as they are applied. The actives in SHUGA Complex are carried into the hair on a nanoscale particle, allowing it to penetrate past the cuticle to the hair’s interior.

Nanotechnology is the carrier that delivers our exclusive SHUGA complex (yogurt proteins, milk & plant sugars). It repairs & protects with moisture binding, attracts milk and plant sugars, and comes with active yogurt proteins, amino acids & anti-aging antioxidants.